Those who invest in creativity, innovation and research know the risks arising from the trade in counterfeit goods, one of the biggest problems industries face. Each year, companies lose hundreds of millions of Euros and thousands of jobs because of counterfeiting activities worldwide.

Reacting only on a case-by-case basis is incomplete and wastes resources but, more importantly, it does not address the issue at its root. Jacobacci & Partners has developed surveillance procedures through investigators, police forces  and targeted measures directed at countries most likely to engage in counterfeiting activities in particular industries.

To implement our anti-counterfeiting procedures in countries such as China, we offer a range of options for our clients, for example, in some circumstances fixed annual cost is a much better way to allocate resources. Our team will establish the proper strategy designed for the identification and traceability of the original products, which is crucial in the fight against counterfeiting.

Protection against counterfeiting

Several effective tools are at our disposal, including out-of-court cease and desist orders (notification to the counterfeiter) and precautionary measures to stop counterfeiters before the start of proceedings on the merits. A proper civil or criminal legal action follows to obtain compensation for damages. We also can use customs to block the entrance of counterfeit goods into the EU.


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