Design registrations protect the external visual appearance and ornamentation of a product, provided that it has novelty and individual character. Industrial designs and handcrafted products are included in the design category, whether two- or three-dimensional, provided that component parts remain visible during use. Design protection also may include packaging, graphic symbols and typefaces.

Design registrations can range from domestic filings to Community and International coverage. It is also possible to acquire design rights on unregistered models and by invoking protection provided by copyright law. The duration of protection depends on the particular type of protection selected. For example a registered model can last up to 25 years.

The rights based on designs and models concern aesthetic appearance, and may not be used to protect features dictated by the technical function of an object.

In the company assets, designs and models are now essential. Jacobacci & Partners has established and successfully pursued anti-counterfeiting campaigns relating to designs and models in countries around the world. 


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