European Patent Validations

Why Jacobacci & Partners 

A European patent is an asset that deserves your attention.

By entrusting the validation of your European patents to Jacobacci & Partners:

  • you have direct control over the process for having your European patents enforceable in the countries of interest
  • you have direct contact with an IP firm which has a dedicated department for validation services
  • you have direct contact with an IP firm that will be aware of updates to national law and practice that can affect your rights
  • you have the option of having your validation and annuity payments handled by a single firm
Coordination of European Patent Validations

Jacobacci & Partners has a dedicated department for preparing and filing quality translations of European patents for validation purposes for a wide range of clients. Each year our European Patent Validation (EPV) department handles more than 3,500 validations in Italy from European and extra-European applicants, either directly or through their European representatives.

With offices in Italy, Spain, France and Switzerland, Jacobacci & Partners can handle directly any validation task, either by way of translation of the patent specification or by means of the election of domicile in each of these countries, as well as in Belgium, Luxembourg and Monaco. Jacobacci & Partners also handles validations in San Marino through our local associate, taking advantage of Italian translations which already have been prepared for validation in Italy. We also provide the election of domicile in Great Britain and Germany at local IP firms for very reasonable fees.
Jacobacci & Partners believes that is very important for our clients to have the option of a single source for any validation activity associated with a European patent. We act as a single contact point for validations of a European patent, so the client does not have the burden of monitoring validation orders and activities in multiple countries. We can perform validation services in any European country through our network of local representatives.

Your validation portfolio is at your fingertips through our J3 service, Jacobacci & Partners’s secure database which allows you to track ongoing validations and to display a validation map of the national portions of the European patents which you have entrusted to our firm.

Download the Brochure European Patent Validations Made Easy a Professional Work

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