Our services

The competitiveness of a company depends on its ability to adapt and contribute to the ideas of the future.

This is why every company, large and small, should consider the protection and development of their intangible assets, such as patents and trademarks, as a strategic investment.

Innovation is our business

Jacobacci & Partners will help you take full advantage of one of your most valuable assets: Intellectual Property.

Savvy companies know that the protection of patents and trademarks represents the only way to defend and develop their innovative potential within an increasingly competitive and worldwide market.

Our assistance is not limited to the initial protection of your patent and trademark rights in the local or international community. Rather, we are an international group which works with you to protect your intellectual property asset from any risk, planning  its exploitation and development with a careful balance of costs and potential.

We work on a worldwide scale protecting intellectual property rights of individuals, SMEs and multinational companies – supporting the entrepreneur, the researcher and the designer from the initial conception of an idea through marketing, assisting him or her against counterfeiting and copying of competitors, or infringement of any type.

We have been building strong, practical and fruitful partnerships with our clients for over 140 years. With this approach, which goes beyond the usual “company-consultant”, we have developed strategic alliances with numerous leading companies, which in turn allow those companies to reap the benefits that only long-lasting partnerships can produce. 

Types of services:

  • Trademark registration: filing, prosecution and enforcement of national, international and community trademarks
  • Advice on strategy and international management and coordination of trademark portfolios 
  • Research and advice on trademark registration
  • Trademark opposition procedures in Italy (NEW)
  • Anti-counterfeiting: legal advice and opinion on counterfeiting matters, unfair competition and anti-cybersquatting
  • Customs Measures
  • Domain Names
  • National, European and PCT patent application filing in, among other areas, biotechnology, chemistry, mechanics, electronics and nanotechnologies fields.
  • Drafting, filing, managing national, EU and international models and designs
  • Procurement and Management of Supplemental Protection Certificates
  • Prior art searches and drafting opinions on patentability
  • Freedom to operate opinions prior to marketing of a product to avoid infringement of third party IP rights 
  • Advice concerning IP protection of design-around options
  • Evaluation and advice on intellectual property protection for improvements on an invention
  • Drafting and filing utility models
  • Engineering drawings
  • National validation of European Patents
  • Extension of patents, utility models and designs
  • Monitoring of competitors and other third party IP filings
  • Copyright protection
  • Software protection
  • Know-How Protection
  • Plant variety rights
  • Technical consulting
  • Licensing and assistance with technology transfer
  • Drafting and negotiation of contracts
  • Due diligence and evaluation of IP assets
  • Economic valuation

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