A perfect environment for career development

More than 350 people, 90+ professionals - evenly distributed between patents and trademarks - and 9,000 square meters of office space.

Our greatest asset is our people.

We are a dynamic, forward-looking company. We welcome promising talent and constantly invest in the professional growth of our brightest and most motivated candidates. We offer the opportunity to pursue a rewarding career involving a diverse array of projects and levels of complexity.

The basic requirements for being included on our team are being a team player, solid training and a forward-thinking mindset. From your first day at Jacobacci you will start on a growth path modeled on market needs and nurtured through frequent contact with more senior professionals. You will work in one of our 13 offices, where art and attention to design creates a comfortable and interesting working environment. You will assist with matters for clients of all sizes – from single individuals to multi-national corporations. And you will see that teamwork is the major factor in our success.

Internship: start building your future

Jacobacci & Partners is committed to providing new graduates with the opportunity to experience the working world. Each year we open our doors to skilled and enthusiastic interns who are able to put to practical use the theoretical knowledge they have acquired in the lecture halls of universities. Our structured training period provides young professionals with the opportunity to experience the day-to-day realities of an intellectual property practice.

Working with a team of experienced IP professionals allows our interns to gain genuine insight into the profession. Internships at Jacobacci represent a significant opportunity for those who have recently finished their studies, and at the same time gives the Firm the chance to assess the qualities and skills of a potential future employee.

In addition to the training provided to aspiring legal or scientific specialists, Jacobacci & Partners is pleased to welcome new recruits from client companies to our group. We welcome the opportunity to provide our client-based recruits with substantive training on issues in which they have a particular interest.


In order to fully understand the opportunities presented by intellectual property and the issues associated with it, an in-depth knowledge of legal, technological and economic concepts is needed. Moreover, since the global competitive scene rapidly evolves and regulations are constantly changing, it is vital to keep up-to-date, through practical experience and guidance from experts in the field.

Jacobacci & Partners creates and runs training seminars on behalf of many international organizations, including important institutions in Russia and China, training courses within companies, tuition assistance for candidates seeking to become European patent attorneys, and internship at our offices.

We select instructors from among our most qualified professionals, all of whom are members of important associations in the IP community. Most of our professionals have published multiple articles in specialized journals and scientific or legal publications, and have spoken at conferences and seminars organized by economic institutions and universities all over the world.

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