European and U.S. Design Protection: the Best of Both Worlds!

18 September 2015, Jacobacci & Partners, Via Senato 8, Milano - 10.00-13.00

Europe and the U.S. have developed their own systems for the legal protection of design creations.
Though their legal systems have similarities and share common basic principles, and despite the recent accession of the U.S. to the Hague Agreement for the protection of designs and models has brought some rapprochement, the differences remain numerous and remarkable.
Prominent specialists from leading European, Mr. Giuseppe Quinterno and U.S. law firms,  Mr. Perry Saidman at Saidman DesignLaw Group, will give an updated picture of the legal situation in these two "worlds" in an interactive presentation.



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Follow up

  • Ing. Giuseppe Quinterno, Partner in Jacobacci & Partners
    Presentation download (PDF)

  • Mr. Perry Saidman, Principal at Saidman DesignLaw Group
    Presentation download (PDF 1PDF 2)