Davide Zanardelli
Dr. Ing. Davide graduated at Brescia University obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Biomechanical Engineering with a research dissertation in collaboration with Loughborough University related to a mathematical predictive model for a gymnast performing on the high bar.
Languages: native Italian speaker, fluent in English
J&P Office: Brescia
Areas of competence: Patents

Work experience
Before joining Jacobacci & Partners in 2018, Davide worked as Design and Project Engineer in an international equipment manufacturing company for energy sector, in particular, being involved in nuclear field, with a focus on design and manufacturing of casks for the storage of radioactive waste.

Professional focus
As a patent engineer, Davide collaborates with senior partners of the firm in advising clients mainly in the mechanical field, ranging from research institutions and universities to deeply specialized companies with a strong attitude for innovation. Davide attends to prior art searches, Freedom To Operate (FTO) analysis as well as drafting and prosecuting patent applications.

Areas of expertise
Davide has experience in fields of structural mechanics and biomechanics, material engineering, industrial production technologies, energy and optics.

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