Gianluca Pulieri
Partner, Dr. Ing., Italian and European Patent Attorney, Professional Representative in Community Design matters before the EUIPO.

Languages: native Italian speaker, fluent in English
J&P Office: Brescia
Areas of competence: Patents

Gianluca graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin and completed an MSc in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Illinois in Chicago.

Work Experience
Before joining Jacobacci & Partners in 2001, Gianluca gained industry experience in the design and analysis of gas turbines and in steel industry production processes.

Professional focus
As a patent attorney Gianluca represents and advises clients ranging from local companies to multi-national corporations.
Gianluca has extensive experience handling complex patent portfolios and in drafting and prosecuting IT and European patent applications relating to engineering subject-matter, European patent opposition and appeal proceedings, patent invalidation proceedings and infringement lawsuits before the Italian Patent Court and abroad. He is often involved in lawsuits concerning copyright-related matters, particularly copyrights relating to registered engineering designs. Gianluca provides tailored strategic and practical advice on all patent and design-related needs.

Areas of expertise
Gianluca is involved in a wide range of areas, particularly those concerning textile machines, tool machines, manufacturing plants, mechanical engineering, household appliances, lighting devices, both as inventions and aesthetic creations and litigation related to such technologies.
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