Luca Cristinelli
Associate, Dr. Ing. Luca Cristinelli. Luca graduated in Electronic Engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin in 2013, with a specialization in Embedded Systems.
Languages: native Italian speaker, fluent in English
J&P Office: Turin
Areas of competence: Patents

Work experience
Before joining Jacobacci & Partners in 2015, Luca worked as an hardware consultant in a leading automotive company, in particular, being involved in development and testing phases of "Body Control Modules”.

Professional focus
As a patent engineer Luca collaborates in advising clients mainly in the electronic field, ranging from research institutions and universities to deeply specialized companies. Luca attends to prior art searches as well as to drafting and prosecuting patent applications, and he works with senior partners of the firm in providing technical opinions, also in litigations, regarding the electronic and the telecommunication domains.

Areas of expertise
Luca has experience in the fields of automotive, consumer electronics, telecommunication and software. 
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