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Design protection protects the visual appearance and adornment of a product, provided it is novelty with individual character. The design category includes two or three-dimensional artisanal or industrial products and components of such products that remain visible during use, including packaging, presentations, graphic symbols and typefaces. Designs and models are now essential company assets, and Jacobacci & Partners offers successful anti-counterfeiting programs campaigns, to be paired with a carefully tailored and executed registration policy, in many countries around the world.

Searches for precedents and opinions on registerability

Conducting searches for prior art to determine if a proposed design is novel, and therefore eligible for registration, is essential not only to understand the state of the market but also to identify any previous designs or models that could represent an obstacle to registration.

Filing of Italian, European and international models and designs

A service that includes the drafting, filing, and management of national, EU and international models and designs in foreign countries.

Registration and design protection are two flagships of the Jacobacci & Partners team: contact us to learn more and start a journey together.

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