Enrico Fattori

Enrico Fattori

Enrico holds a Bachelor's degree in Biomedical Engineering and a Master's degree in Electronic and Telecommunication Engineering for Energy (EIT curriculum) from the University of Bologna. His final thesis was developed in collaboration with Tetra Pak and concerns the development and study of an optical system for surface analysis of Tetra Pak packaging material during the quality control process to improve its sustainability. Enrico is licensed to practice as an Information Engineer.

  • Languages:Native Italian speaker, fluent in English
  • Office:Brescia
  • Area of competence:Patents
Work experience
Before his entrance as recent graduate in Jacobacci & Partners in 2022, Enrico attended a Master’s degree program in Electronic e Telecommunication Engineering with a curriculum in collaboration with the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), during which he had the opportunity to delve into the topic of sustainability related to the various application areas of electronics, concluded with a curricular internship at Tetra Pak. This international mobility project fostered the learning of English and enabled collaboration with professional figures from different work areas, developing communication and team-relational skills.

Professional focus
As a patent engineer, Enrico collaborates with senior partners of the company in meeting and supporting clients, which range from Italian universities to companies, operating in the mechatronics sector and endowed with great aptitude for innovation. In fact, Enrico is involved in prior art searches, free implementations analysis, drafting and prosecution of patent and industrial design applications.

Areas of expertise
Enrico is mainly involved in inventions in the field of electronics applied to industrial automation and robotics solutions, especially in the field of automations for the food industry, biomedical industry, and about industrial plants of various kinds. Until now, Enrico particularly handles inventions related to biomedical devices, diagnostic devices, household devices, lighting devices, machine tools, food packaging, such as coffee capsules, and filtration devices.

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