31 October 2022 J-curiosity Maurizio Franco

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We are approaching Halloween, a magical night with Irish origins, whose universal Halloween symbol is the carved pumpkin with a face. The Halloween pumpkin symbol originated a long time ago in Ireland, with the Celts, and initially it was not a pumpkin at all.

The final consecration finally came in the mid-nineteenth century, when the Scots and Irish migrating overseas landed the holiday in America, making Halloween a star-spangled 'cult'.

The shape of the pumpkin is protected through a U.S. registered design No. No. D413833S.

Among the most fun customs, we cannot forget the custom of wearing horror masks and costumes. Again, the pagan origins of Halloween and the attached ceremonials probably have something to do with it.

These included animal sacrifices, which involved wearing the skins of slain creatures in order to ingratiate oneself with good spirits and ward off bad ones.

We have a registered design in US No. D333281S for a ghost costume, also among the symbols of this festival.