13 March 2023 Jnews David Devic

Can a conversational agent, such as ChatGPT, draft a patent?

Not yet!

Despite its amazing analytical capabilities, the exchanges between the patent attorney and the inventor remain a key element in the drafting of a patent application.

The patent attorney discusses with the inventor to understand the technical details of the invention, its advantages and differences from the state of the art. The patent attorney also helps the inventor to identify aspects of the invention that might be patentable (product and/or process).

Then, during the drafting process, the patent attorney works closely with the inventor to ensure that all essential technical features are present and prioritized in the claims.

Claim drafting requires real expertise. Claims must be drafted to cover the invention broadly, while avoiding being limited to specific details that could be easily circumvented by competitors. Claim drafting is therefore a delicate task that should be left to experienced IP professionals.

The patent attorney always accompanies the applicant in all legal aspects of patent law, e.g. during the examination procedure or in case of alleged infringement.

Ultimately, the collaboration between the patent attorney and the inventor is essential to draft a sound patent application that will effectively protect the invention.

Our patent attorneys are available to assist you in this process of drafting your patent applications.