16 January 2024 Jnews Viola Zazzera

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In 2023, Jacobacci & Partners has obtained gender equality certification.

This achievement is a tangible recognition of the Management's commitment to creating a fair, inclusive, and respectful working environment for everyone, ensuring equal growth and development opportunities for all employees, regardless of gender. Thanks to a strategic vision and targeted actions implemented over the years, gender equality remains a central value of the company culture.


A document, the 'Gender Equality Policy', has been prepared as a declaration of a strong and formal commitment to address the challenges and level any disparities that might persist, ensuring that every person in the company not only feels accepted but is also fully supported in their professional growth, regardless of gender.


With this strategy, Jacobacci & Partners declares its commitment to ensure that gender equality is:

- integrated into all stages of the company lifecycle, from recruitment and hiring to professional development and beyond, ensuring that gender equality is respected at every stage;

- monitored and measured using key indicators to assess progress over time and the effectiveness of initiatives;

- a shared responsibility that actively involves all employees;

- an integral and ongoing part of training courses that help to acquire the awareness and culture necessary to support an inclusive working environment.


To coordinate, implement, and oversee the application of the strategy, a Steering Committee has been established. This committee is responsible for monitoring the progress of the actions taken and approving the use of dedicated economic and financial resources to further permeate inclusion, equity, and diversity within the company.