28 March 2023 Jnews Sophie Gaillard

Online counterfeiting is a phenomenon that can be detrimental to a company's development. Indeed, the rapid growth of online activities has also increased the sale of counterfeit products on the web, with potentially disastrous consequences for businesses.

The risks of online counterfeiting are now multiple, including

  • Loss of revenue: The sale of counterfeit products can lead to a reduction in a company's revenue;
  • Reputational damage: Counterfeit products are often of inferior quality and can damage a company's reputation.

Without an active approach, online counterfeiting poses a major risk of losing market position and damaging reputation.

Registering your trademarks

Registering your trademarks is an effective way to combat online counterfeiting.

Indeed, this step makes it possible to protect one's trademark and to prevent it from being used by third parties without authorization.

In addition, registering a trademark helps to deter counterfeiters. Knowing that a trademark is protected and that there are legal consequences to its unauthorised use, third parties are less inclined to take a legal risk. This protection can thus tend to reduce the number of online counterfeits and protect the company's image.

Finally, trademark registration is a long-term investment for the company. It helps to build added value around the brand and to differentiate it from competitors. This can help to strengthen the company's position in the market and guarantee its long-term survival.

We therefore work closely with our clients to develop a trademark registration, management, defence and enhancement strategy that meets their long-term objectives. We can thus provide in-depth and tailored expertise in France and worldwide.

We are convinced that the protection of trademarks is essential for any company wishing to stand out from its competitors and succeed in the long term.

Fighting against online counterfeiting

Aware of the importance of IP in a constantly evolving digital environment, our firm JACOBACCI CORALIS HARLE also offers, in collaboration with our specialised partner Griffeshield, expertise and advanced tools to quickly detect online counterfeiting.

We can also intervene with the competent authorities and web hosting-providers to request the closure of fraudulent websites based on a filed trademark.

Recently, we obtained the closure in only 48 hours of a website that was fraudulently reproducing one of our clients trademark, to market identical products. This rapid intervention enabled us to preserve our client's revenue and reputation.

Protect your creations against the risk of counterfeiting!

The protection of intellectual property assets is essential for the success of a company. It is therefore important to take an active approach to prevent online counterfeiting from damaging a business.

Our specialised trademark attorneys are at your disposal to protect your intellectual property assets and to present you our solutions to fight against online counterfeiting.