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Whether relating to trademarks, patents or designs, intellectual property rights are united by the overarching theme of anti-counterfeiting or, rather the systematic use of those legal tools that can help protect IP rights and combat counterfeiting activities that would otherwise cause damage. 

However, combatting counterfeit operations in an episodic and fragmented way by reacting to issues on a case-by-case basis entails a dilution of resources and, above all, not addressing the issue at its root. Over the years, Jacobacci & Partners has developed and implemented complex surveillance programs, and specializes in one of the most challenging distribution networks for IP protection - from Asia to Latin America, with counterfeit products passing through Italy to Europe and beyond. To make these systems effective, we work closely with investigators, customs officers and local police in operations targeted to address our clients’ needs.

For anti-counterfeiting operations in countries like China, for example, to best allocate resources we offer packages that start at a fixed annual cost: we establish in advance what types of counterfeiting will be targeted and proceed to selecting the tools that will be most efficient. Further, we offer clients our experience in the correct identification and evaluation of security technologies, including those that are able to identify and trace original products, which is a decisive success factor in the fight against counterfeiting.

Per svolgere operazioni anti-contraffazione in paesi come la Cina, proponiamo pacchetti che, partendo da un costo annuale prefissato, allocano al meglio le risorse stabilendo in anticipo quali tipi di contraffazione si intende colpire. Infine, mettiamo a disposizione dei clienti l'esperienza dei nostri partner e associati nella corretta individuazione e valutazione delle tecnologie di sicurezza, volte all’identificazione e alla tracciabilità dei prodotti originali, che costituiscono un determinante fattore di successo nella lotta alla contraffazione.

Interference searches

These are searches conducted on complex databases. The searches verify the potential interference of one's rights and the industrial and intellectual property rights of others. In addition to interference searches, we also offer free opinions on the marketing of a product with respect to the risk of infringement on third party rights.

Anti-counterfeiting, unfair competition and anti-cybersquatting

Anti-counterfeiting involves both the fight against unfair competition (which develops in the context of relations between entrepreneurs operating on the same market and offering similar goods or services) and anti-cybersquatting (which deals with those who appropriate domain names corresponding to the trademarks of others or names of famous people in order to make a profit).

Customs measures

Anti-counterfeiting involves the use of the tools offered by Customs offices, and by collaborating closely with the Customs and Monopolies Agency, we assist clients to identify the best customs measures to be taken in the fight against counterfeiting. Further, the Monopolies Agency offers sophisticated management tools and a control system based on the most advanced analysis techniques.

Online anti-counterfeiting

Beyond counterfeiting in the "real" world, today many major counterfeiting operations conduct their operations in the "virtual" world of the internet. This makes good online anti-counterfeiting measures essential, especially if your business is partially or entirely run on digital platforms.


Anti-counterfeiting activities do not only include those actions that, however necessary, can only be carried out before a Judicial Authority. We offer a tailored enforcement plan that includes all those activities available under the law that can be conducted to support the suppression of counterfeiting.

Don't put off until tomorrow what you can do today: protect your ideas from the risk of counterfeiting with our range of services!

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