15 November 2021 Amazon Jacobacci & Partners

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Since late 2020 we have been participating in Amazon's IP Accelerator program, an innovative initiative that allows to extend the knowledge of intellectual property to the advertisers of the marketplace.

Find out more, through the words of our dedicated team.

Monday 15 november: Lamberto Coppa, Chief Development Officer CDO

Monday 22 november and monday 29 november: Gianpiero Coccia, Partner, Trademark Attorney 

Monday 6 december: Ottavia Rainelli, CRM coordinator


Lamberto Coppa, Chief Development Officer CDO

We have been participating in Amazon's IP Accelerator program since late 2020 and have been one of the original members since the service was extended to Europe.

When it was proposed to us, we enthusiastically evaluated the possibility of contributing to an innovative initiative that allows us to concretely extend the knowledge of intellectual property rights to the many advertisers of this marketplace.

It also allows them to access the Amazon Brand Registry and more effectively fight counterfeiting attempts against their brands, products and services.

We quickly activated  a tailor-made workflow and a team consisting of all our European offices to  respond quickly to those who contact us; thanks to the experience gained over the years with the contacts that come to us from our website www.jacobacci.com, we are able to provide a pretty high level of service .

We continue our efforts to spread the knowledge and use of intellectual property as the driving forces to develop companies' activities of all sizes and sectors.


Gianpiero Coccia, Partner, Trademark attorney

The IP Accelerator program allows easy access to the Amazon Brand Registry. To date, in the context of the EU, Amazon offers IP accelerator services to European Union and United Kingdom trademarks.
As for the European Union trademark, this guarantees an exclusive right valid throughout the European territory, i.e. in the current 27 EU member countries.

To obtain the registration of the trademark in the European Union it is important that it complies with the legal requirements, and in particular that it is distinctive in relation to the products or services of interest and that it does not interfere with other previous identical or similar trademarks owned by third parties. It is our responsibility to advise the client in the best possible way to limit the risk of s objections raised by the Office or complaints from third parties.
Furthermore, the fees related to the filing of a European Union trademark application are agreed with Amazon. The seller can therefore take advantage of the experience and professionalism of a company that has been on the market for almost 150 years, also benefiting from an advantageous rate. Jacobacci is however available to assist you at 360 degrees in every aspect of the protection of your brands, at national, European and international level.


One of the trademark validity requirements is the novelty with respect to identical or similar earlier trademarks protected for identical or similar goods and services. The European Union Trademark Office - EUIPO does not, on the other hand, check the novelty of trademark applications. Before filing, it is therefore advisable to carry out searches in order to ascertain that there are no earlier identical or similar trademarks in the registers, which could hinder the registration and/or preclude the use of the chosen trademark.

To this end, we have agreed with Amazon two types of research, with different degrees of depth.

A first investigation, i.e. knock-out, is suitable to identify earlier trademarks strictly identical to the chosen name, in the  register of European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and in the register of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) limited to EU designation.

The second type of investigation, are more in-depth and detects both earlier trademarks identical or similar to the name sought in European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), in WIPO trademark register limitedly to the UE designations and designations of a country among Italy, France and Spain, and in the national trademark register of the selected country. The search also detects the strictly identical trademarks filed or registered in each of the EU member countries' registers and includes a check on the WEB of the most relevant occurrences that emerged revealed from the investigations.

However, priority searches are a flexible tool that can, and must be, calibrated on a case-by-case basis. For this reason we are available to provide tailor-made advices and define the characteristics of the searches according to the specific needs of the client.


Ottavia Rainelli, CRM Coordinator

As part of the IP Accelerator program, I manage the first contact between Amazon sellers who send us requests from all over the world via Amazon’s SPC platform, and our attorneys. It is in fact important to timely update on the platform the “status” of the requests, because Amazon's ranking algorithm takes into account: timely responses, conversion rate of requests to orders, customer reviews and number of requests. From the SPC platform we then switch to our CRM to consolidate relationships and interactions between J&P and potential customers and build loyalty. The CRM is in fact an effective tool to better manage our relationship with clients and related commercial negotiations and it is our responsibility to offer tailored deals and create personalized newsletters.