10 February 2023 Jnews Andrea Perronace

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The EPO has published an “insight report” on the trend of patents in the Quantum Computing Field, which can be found here: Quantum Computing - Insight report.

Very interestingly, the Report shows a terrific increase of the patent in Quantum Computing in the last decade, with a pace much higher than that of all the technological fields taken together.

Quantum computing patents are particularly increasing in the sub-fields of hardware implementation, mitigation of errors and Quantum Artificial Intelligence.

Among the top filers we find IBM, Toshiba, Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, Harvard University, Hitachi, Google, and MIT.

Although quantum computers fill entire rooms today, the experience of ENIAC/transistors in the late forties of the XX century teaches that this situation can dramatically change in a snap and lead to global sales and competition.

The UPC will then be an excellent place to litigate patents in such a technological fields.