15 January 2024 Jnews Jacobacci & Partners

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Jacobacci & Partners is among the top 1000 Best Performer Companies in the Piedmont region.

Recently, the ItalyPost Study Center, in partnership with the daily newspaper L'Economia del Corriere della Sera, conducted a detailed study on the financial statements of companies in Piedmont, highlighting those businesses that, during the period 2019-2021, demonstrated performance above the average. This study considered various financial parameters to select the top 1,000 companies in the region.

Among these criteria for excellence are:

  • A turnover in 2021 equal to or greater than 15.6 million euros;
  • A more rating ranging from "Balanced" to "Excellent" (scales from B to AAA);
  • An average EBITDA for the years 2021-2020-2019 greater than 3.5%;
  • A positive net result in 2021.

Jacobacci & Partners stood out in all these areas, positioning itself among the top 1,000 most performing companies in Piedmont. This recognition demonstrates the solidity and efficiency of our business management, even in such a challenging period. The success achieved also reflects, not only our financial stability but also our commitment to innovation and the excellence of our services. We will continue to work hard to maintain our role as a successful example in the Piedmont entrepreneurial landscape.

We proudly remember the moment when the 'Best Performer Company' award was received by Andrea De Stefano and Viola Zazzera.