2 August 2023 Jcuriosity Elena Genito

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The iconic doll has now become a Hollywood star.

Barbie represented an epochal revolution in the conception of the woman of the twentieth century. Actually, it was the first to allow girls to play with their imagination, dreaming of their future and discovering the world of fashion.

Barbie was invented by the co-founder of Mattel, who filed a patent in 1959 to protect the position of the limbs and iconic feet, always prepared to wear heels.

In 1996, the trademark 'Barbie' was filed, the first of a long series.

Over the years, Mattel considerably has expanded its patent portfolio, consisting of patents, designs and trademarks. A portfolio that it is exploiting even more today and that has enabled it to enter into licensing and collaboration agreements with brands interested in Barbie, thanks in particular to the release of the film.

Thanks to Elena Genito e Mariavittoria Versaci