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A natural partnership.

Company and consultant – this pairing has been rethought and redesigned on more evolved and profitable foundations, and is now a true and proper partnership in its own right – productive, solid, dynamic, and creating value.

Specialising in the intellectual property sector, where it protects, enhances and develops intangible assets, Jacobacci & Partners’ fundamental values are much the same as its clients, since they both have the same key objective: rising up to the innovation challenge.

Not only are their methodologies similar, but also the way in which they operate. Jacobacci’s ever-increasing presence on the ground, combined with its own IT infrastructure, have made it capable of guaranteeing rapid responses and tailor-made solutions to companies by assessing all its projects on an international scale.

This approach has enabled Jacobacci & Partners to progressively consolidate its strategic alliances with leading companies and reap the benefits of the continuing improvement that can only come about through such long-standing partnerships.

Segnaliamo l'articolo uscito sulla newsletter ufficiale di Fiera Milano, che conferma la collaborazione tra Jacobacci & Partners e Fiera Milano, con il servizio anticontraffazione, volto a consentire una rapida tutela dei diritti degli espositori in materia di proprietà intellettuale.

Jacobacci & Partners è main partner del grande evento TEDxRoma, che si terrà il giorno 21 marzo 2015 presso Parco Olimpico a Roma.

Argomento di quest'anno: il Mediterraneo, spazio che lega culture e saperi, tecnologia e tradizioni, arte e identità, nella volontà di esplorare e unire le passioni e le esperienze dei paesi che lo rappresentano. Per partecipare clicca qui.