Jacobacci & Partners
A natural partnership.

Company and consultant – this pairing has been rethought and redesigned on more evolved and profitable foundations, and is now a true and proper partnership in its own right – productive, solid, dynamic, and creating value.

Specialising in the intellectual property sector, where it protects, enhances and develops intangible assets, Jacobacci & Partners’ fundamental values are much the same as its clients, since they both have the same key objective: rising up to the innovation challenge.

Not only are their methodologies similar, but also the way in which they operate. Jacobacci’s ever-increasing presence on the ground, combined with its own IT infrastructure, have made it capable of guaranteeing rapid responses and tailor-made solutions to companies by assessing all its projects on an international scale.

This approach has enabled Jacobacci & Partners to progressively consolidate its strategic alliances with leading companies and reap the benefits of the continuing improvement that can only come about through such long-standing partnerships.

Europe and the U.S. have developed their own separate systems for the legal protection of designs.

Although their legal systems are similar and share many features, and despite the recent accession of the U.S. to the Hague Agreement for the protection of designs and models, important differences remain. Design Experts from Europe and the U.S. will give an interactive presentation of design law in these two "worlds". More info.

United States Expert: Perry Saidman of Saidman DesignLaw Group
European Expert: Giuseppe Quinterno of Jacobacci & Partners
Moderator: Mr. César Mendoza

Once again this year Jacobacci & Partners is organizing the 4T event: Tech Transfer Think Tank. This event will be held at the Technology Park at Kilometro Rosso, on May 22. 4T is of interest to university technology transfer professionals and people in companies of all sizes who believe and invest in innovation. In this second edition, particular attention will be given to recent legal developments to promote innovation in Italy, such as the new Patent Box provisions. Please visit our 4T website often for up-to-date information about the event and book your ticket.

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